Vampires: Creatures of legend and myth.  Dark.  Sexy.  Eternal.  They control the shadows, haunt our dreams, rule the night… and apparently they also deliver.  After an unexpected drunken one night stand with a truly “bad girl”, regular guy Jeff Bryers (Adam Busch) is about to get his own taste of immortality.  Waking up with two fresh puncture wounds on his neck, an unquenchable thirst for blood, and the inability to hold down a “day” job, Jeff soon realizes that eternal life sucks…in a big way.  It’s one thing to be overweight, balding, and broke.  It’s another to be stuck that way for eternity!

As he struggles to make sense of his new existence, Jeff’s only confidant is his best friend Ryan (Jason Rogel) who is both amused and frustrated by Jeff’s life lessons. To make ends meet, Jeff is stuck taking a part-time job at Bensonhurst Wok, an Italian-Chinese fusion restaurant run by his hard-ass boss, Vito (Billy Tyler). There he sparks a rivalry with up-an-coming restaurant-trainee Cliff (Doug Haley).

Jeff’s problems are made even worse when he can no longer hide from his controlling ex-girlfriend, Colleen (Amber Benson), who can’t understand his erratic behavior and is determined to fix him. As if that weren’t enough, he finds mixed feelings for Marissa (Becky O’Donohue), the sexy vampiress whose bite turned him to the dark side!